Lincoln Grows!

Lincoln Elementary School Garden Mission


Cherie Hemphill, Julie Duddridge – Teacher, Carrie Gammel – Principal

The Goals and Missions of our Garden Team are:

“To build, cultivate, nuture and sustain a thriving

to support a future of caring about the health and wellbeing of our children, our communities and our EARTH

for generations to come”

The goals and missions of the Garden Team and the future of gardening at Lincoln are to bring gardening to our school with thought and planning to involve as many students and teachers as possible and take ownership of GROWING throughout the school campus.

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We have identified the need for a school garden
  • To teach gardening knowledge for future generations
    • Native and drought tolerant

  • To learn to nuture and care for our environment
    • Local & sustainable practices
    • ORGANIC practices, knowledge and experience

  • To promote healthy eating and lifestyles
    • Eating fresh, seasonable, local and ORGANIC produce

  • To involve children in hands-on learning activities that will keep them physically active, mentally alert, and promote outdoor activity

  • To balance the advancements in technology with a different medium of education

  • To promote teamwork and build a sense of community

  • To support the transition to Common Core curriculum and standards

  • Imagining a future of FOOD that is FREE of harmful pesticides, herbicides and GMOs.

The Mission and Goals for the Garden Team include
  • Renovate and repair existing garden spaces with goals in mind

  • Begin gardening in main garden, Savannah’s Organic Garden, through the Garden Club and Lincoln’s student Green Team

  • Establish grade-level gardens for all grades and set goals and timelines for accomplishing

  • Create a Garden Page on the Lincoln PTA website by school year end
    • The garden page will include a GARDEN WISH LIST

  • Plan and implement a garden event at least once a year

  • Create meaningful community partnerships to assist with school gardens

  • Create a budget for our school gardens and a plan for fundraising

  • Promote school gardens to recruit participants, community partners, funding and pride in our school

  • Reevaluate goals annually and set timelines

  • Expand goals to promote future growth and sustainability

Savannah’s Organic Garden

To launch a garden curriculum at Lincoln, we have started with our main school (installed in 2010), Savannah’s Organic Garden, and two raised beds we have designated for Lincoln’s Garden Club and Green Team Garden Helpers.

Lincoln’s Garden Club consists of upper graders (4-6 grade) and meets during upper grade lunch weekly on Fridays in SOG. All upper graders are welcome to participate. The vision for Savannah’s Organic Garden:

  • Maintain and expand Herb Garden (add signage)

  • Maintain and expand Butterfly Garden (add signage)

  • Add berry bushes to the perimeter of the garden (blueberry, raspberry and blackberry)

  • Plant seasonal crops in two beds in SOG and two raised beds.

  • Try to grow most of the seasonal crops from seed.

  • Add bee house, bird houses, etc. to support wildlife in and around the garden.

Core Garden Team

Grade-level Garden Curriculum

In order to bring gardening to as many Lincoln students as possible, our mission is to begin a plan for GRADE LEVEL gardens that will eventually be a part of the curriculum for the teachers of each grade.


Kindergarten (KINDER GARDEN)

Use existing two raised beds to start and eventually add one more raised bed to have one per classroom. Future plans to add vertical planting on back fence.  The focus of the curriculum will be seed to harvest, colorful, edible and growing a rainbow of sensory experiences.

1st Grade Garden

Future raised beds constructed and installed by 1st grade classrooms.  Focus of 1st grade gardens will be similar to kindergarten, edibles, easy to grow and harvest and colorful, beneficial flowers.  These raised beds can be expanded to include extra beds for 2nd grade also.

2nd Grade Garden

Future raised beds in same area as 1st grade.  2nd grade garden focus will be on native pollinator plants.  This grade will also care for the butterfly garden and will release butterflies in garden in spring.

3rd Grade Garden

3rd grade gardens will start with the existing beds by carpool area.  Building on the theme of native pollinators, 3rd grade will maintain the planned hummingbird garden (to be planted in existing raised beds).  Future plans for 3rd grade gardens are to build and install raised beds where the storage containers are currently.

4th Grade Garden

Since 4th grade curriculum includes the study of California, we envision a California native garden for this grade.  Starting with two existing beds by the back of the gym, 4th grade will help maintain a native plant/drought tolerant garden with no irrigation.

5th Grade Garden

The vision for 5th grade is to have involvement in the science learning garden by the science lab.  They could help maintain this space and to have a specific 5th grade garden, like a rain garden (with no irrigation).  A future 5th grade edible garden can be installed by the back of technology facing the lunch tables (raised beds).

6th Grade Garden

The plan for a 6th grade garden is to plan and install a ZEN garden, complete with rocks, sand, rakes, etc.  This garden is planned to go alongside the art garden.

Outdoor Science Laboratory

The raised bed outside of the science lab is planned to be an outdoor laboratory, to be used by science teacher for outdoor experiments.  Constantly changing, easily adapted.  Space can be broken up into multiple components.


Art Garden

The raised bed by the art room is planned to be an outdoor art studio/open air space.  We envision colorful painted rocks, decomposed granite or pebbles, colorful, low maintenance, drought tolerant plants.


Rain Barrels

We purchased and plan to install 3 rain barrels at school for educational purposes and to also utilize for school gardens, currently pending district approval.



2015/16 School Year Completed

Savannah’s Garden REDO- Earth Week 2016 (April 18-22)
Hummingbird Garden Install (April/May 2016)
California Native Garden(April/May 2016)
Art Garden/Zen Garden (June 2016)

Still on the Horizon

Outdoor Science Laboratory Garden
Compost Corral

 “A small group of thoughtful people could change the world.  Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”  Margaret Mead


“A year from now you will wish you had started today.”  Karen Lamb


“I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.”  Mother Teresa