Lincoln Elementary Drop Off and Pickup Procedures

School drop off

There will be a few changes with our drop off and pickup procedures. Kindergarten gate will no longer provide access to the campus for grades 1 – 6.

Carpool –
Carpool will remain the same. Please enter through the 2nd driveway and follow the traffic to the back of the school to the drop off lanes. There will be teachers on duty to assist the carpool traffic. You will then exit on the surface road. There is no carpool drop off in the front of the school.

Walking –
If you need to cross Pacific View, always use the crossing guard. You will then follow the sidewalk and enter/exit through the blue gates by the front office. This applies to bike riders as well. Please walk your bike once you are on school grounds. Blue gates will be open at 8:00 am and reopen at 2:27 pm. Once on campus all students must walk to the playground for supervision. Please do not go to your classroom to hang up your backpack.

Bus –
Bus riders will follow the same route as walkers, and enter/exit through the blue gates located by the front office.

Kindergarten students only –
The gate located on Pacific View at the kindergarten playground will be for Kindergarten arrival/dismissal only. The gate will be open for kindergarten students at 8:00 am. Teachers will release kindergarten students at 2:16 pm at the kindergarten gate. Kindergarten bus riders will be supervised until they are loaded on the bus at 2:30 by a teacher.

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